Costa Rica Retirement Video

Are you considering:
- Moving to Costa Rica?
- Living in Costa Rica?
- Retiring in Costa Rica? Or...
- Even Working in Costa Rica?

If so, then this video was made for you! If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then this video will provide volumes of priceless information to help you assess the country and make informed decisions.

The best and most innovative part of this one hour video is that you will watch over 30 minutes of personal interviews - people just like you who have taken the challenge to move to a foreign land and adopt a new and more relaxed lifestyle.

Click on any of the four sample interviews below and see why these real people (not actors), made the move to live, work or retire in Costa Rica and how they felt about it.

Cherie video on farm / ranchette living and retirement for her husband Mark video on working in Costa Rica Paul video on vacation rental business on the beach in Costa Rica Ron video on being retired and living in a gated community in the country

City Life

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At the Beach

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Country Life

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Contents of this Video:

A 60-minute DVD consisting of four sections which can be watched separately or all together:

Part 1: “The Jewel of Central America”

Learn why Costa Rica is often referred to as the “Switzerland of Central America.” The friendly people, a long standing democracy, two oceans, abundant ecological resources, beaches and volcanoes, the mild weather, education and affordable medical care - these all add up to what most people are looking for, regardless of their age or interests. Find out why Intel, Microsoft and other multi-national corporations have chosen Costa Rica for their Latin American base.

Part 2: Why Live / Retire in Costa Rica - Facts and Figures

Why live, work, retire in Costa Rica video snippet
Click picture for video sample

Why choose Costa Rica?:
Why is it a magnet for Americans and Europeans? Costa Rica is conveniently located to the United States, with direct flights from the US and Europe. The main highway system is good and improving, mild weather, no snow, and other benefits.

The Costa Rican People:
Friendly, open minded, kind, family oriented, high literacy rate.

Stability: 150 year old democracy and a large middle class, with no standing army, with affordable work force.

Property Values:
Housing, rental properties and real estate, although rising in recent years, still represents an affordable alternative to American and Europeans.

Communication: Modern internet connections, cell phones, and regular phone service at reasonable rates; Spanish and English newspapers and radio stations.

Health Care: Costa Rica has some of the best, but low cost, medical and dental care in the world. Many doctors have been educated in the U.S. and are board certified, but visits are half of what they would be in the U.S, as well as the hospitals.

Elective Cosmetic Surgery: Costa Rica is becoming known as the “Beverly Hills of the South,” where cosmetic and restorative dentistry and plastic surgery are competently performed at half the cost.

Investment Climate: Friendly business climate and friendly to foreign investment.

Business "Cents": Favorable tax rates to foreign business, low personal income tax rates.

Home Away from Home:
A large retirement base of Americans and Europeans means you’ll find others with similar interests. You'll find name brand merchandise, even fast food chains in San Jose, the Capital!

Part 3: The Geographical Regions (Different Areas / Unique Lifestyles)

Costa Rica has something for everyone, except snow! Explore the different regions, and determine which is the best for your lifestyle, budget and proximity to the cities, beaches or quick medical care.

Part 4: Four Lifestyle Interviews

Candid comments from persons living in four different areas of the country who share their homes and individual perspectives for choosing Costa Rica as a relocation destination for living, working, or retiring.

And, A Bonus on Atenas!

Atenas - mountain retirement area for babyboomers and ex-pat foreigners
Click picture for video sample

Atenas has become one of the more popular mountain communities in Costa Rica. At the end of Ron's interview, a separate segment will walk you through the town square, the bank and local shopping areas to see a typical Costa Rican town.
Read what International Living Magazine has to say about living or retiring in Costa Rica, then order the Costa Rica Retirement Video to see Costa Rica in all its tropical beauty and the four interviews. Explore you future in Costa Rica - to live, to work, or to retire!