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To create an informative video resource for those wishing to move, live, work or retire in Costa Rica. This video is dedicated to the ever growing number of people who are discovering Costa Rica as the perfect place to live, retire or even work. It is our hope that this DVD will help you make an informed decision by viewing the wonders of Costa Rica, enriching yourself with facts and figures, and especially viewing the four testimonials of foreigners that have successfully made the move.



The Principals


Gabriela Gutiérrez has been involved in educational travel for more than ten years, working with U.S. universities to expose student groups to Costa Rica in both broad and degree-focused educational programs. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish and holds dual Costa Rican and United States citizenship, having been raised and educated in the U. S. for part of her youth. The creator of the original concept of this video, Gabriela now brings her extensive knowledge of both the United States and Costa Rica to this project, helping to answer the many questions of those considering relocating to Costa Rica.

She has been a licensed Realtor with CCCBR (Costa Rica Chamber of Real Estate) for over five years, and has seen her business evolve into specialized travel for investment and retiree groups who have interest in purchasing property in Costa Rica.

Gabriela is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Finance, and in her not-so-spare time does volunteer and rehab work in the local community and inner city. Gabriela’s family includes her oldest son, who recently graduated as a business major in Belgium, and her twin boys studying at the University in Spain.

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Cherie Byrd is originally a third-generation native of St. Petersburg, Florida. Her grandfather used to take Babe Ruth fishing when he was in town for spring baseball training! She brings an entrepreneurial history of success in Florida, as well as her 15-year, corporate marketing executive background with two top-10 life insurance companies. She served wholesale and retail clients in employee benefits, financial, estate and long-term-care insurance planning. Cherie was a long-time single Mom, whose son is a recent Magna Cum Laude college graduate in the field of business.

It has been two years since she personally made the leap and experienced first-hand exploring, investing, moving and living (but not quite retiring!) in Costa Rica. After some of her own trials and tribulations, and in the course of seeking alternatives for her own curious friends in the U.S., she sought a better method to help others achieve their goals, WITHOUT having to repeat her sometimes painful and costly learning curve due to relocating in a foreign country. Her husband of five years remarkably endures her quest to stay active! They are enjoying their country home (after 8 months of construction) in Santiago de Puriscal, located in the mountains between San Jose and the Pacific Coast, with their 3 dogs, 3 cats, 8 chickens and a horse.

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Coming from a background in sales management and mortgage banking, Forrest retired to a custom oceanfront home in Costa Rica – a lifelong dream-come-true of living on the beach! After helping a friend with the design and optimization of a vacation rental website, he eventually got tired of walking the beach, traveling and doing other retirement activities, and so he began creating other websites. Soon, Forrest found himself busily enmeshed in an interesting and challenging internet business. So much for retirement!

In reality, it’s a good blend of being productive, helping businesses in Costa Rica, and around the world, succeed in their internet promotion. Forrest specializes in optimizing websites so that they show up high in the search engine results, which is valuable advertising for his clients. He also appreciates the fact that he can access his business responsibilities from anywhere in the world, even while traveling.

Forrest met Cherie and Gabriela while they were developing this unique video, and is responsible for the internet marketing and sales promotion of this first-of-its-kind presentation on relocating, living and retiring in Costa Rica. In a way, his own experience here is mimicked by the relocation adventures of the four people interviewed on the video who decided to make Costa Rica their new home.

NOTE: A number of years back, an ex-business partner of mine, Joern Malek, made false accusations against me and filed a criminal case against me. That case was adjudged in my favor. In the meantime, I countersued him civilly and won, and also filed a defamation suit against him which I won. However, some of his derogatory information previously published by him and re-published by others can still be found on the internet and reflects unfavorably on me. Please not that this information is old and not current with me winning all lawsuits. In addition, due to his nature, after we split, he continued with dishonest business practices, which you can read about here: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g291982-i813-k1165421-Avoid_1_CostaRicaLink_notice_the_dash-Costa_Rica.html

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