Four Relocation & Lifestyles examples:






Meet Cherie….who lives on a farm


Cherie and her husband packed it all up and moved from Florida two years ago. He was retired from the US Air Force, she was an entrepreneur with a corporate marketing background.

They bought a small farm in the country, with quick access to the nearby Capital city of San Jose – about 45 minutes away. They designed and built a new home around the shell of the original, small “tico” (typical Costa Rican) house on their property.

They enjoy the freedom and privacy of ‘country living,’ yet comfortably close to “civilization. Their new circle of friends includes warm hearted Ticos, and North American and European neighbors. The husband stays busy minding the farm and doing engineering consultation (when he’s inclined), and Cherie, not ready to slow down and retire just yet, is building a new business. It’s a good life!



Meet Mark…who lives in the city


Mark was more than ready to make a lifestyle change, but not ready, willing or able to completely retire. A successful lawyer from Arizona, Mark realized he was overworked, and under-rewarded on the “quality of life” scale.

Since his move to Costa Rica he basically and seamlessly manages his legal practice from Costa Rica, conveniently commuting to the U.S. whenever absolutely necessary for business! He’s a city guy who loves the convenience of a condo in an upscale suburb of San Jose, called Escazu, but also keeps a farm in the country.

His new friends and environments have dramatically improved his view and outlook.

His business still flourishes but his blood pressure is healthy!



Meet Ron…who lives in the country.

Career 1 - Military, Career 2- Golf course management. His love and specialty is landscaping and gardening. After lots and lots of research, taking a popular retirement tour and visiting different areas of Costa Rica, Ron finally bought a large lot in a gated community with an incredible view.

This ‘country gentleman’ built a custom house for a very reasonable price, and is now busy fine-tuning his garden. Ron has no desire to work at anything other than his own carefully chosen hobbies and leisure activities.

And…he is perfectly happy neither needing nor bothering with a car. He easily and cheerfully takes an inexpensive taxi or bus to get his errands done. Ron is an expert at enjoying his property, his new country lifestyle, and entertaining his new friends, who particularly appreciate his BBQ skills!

At the end of the interview with Ron, the video continues with a further explanation of the area in which he lives - Atenas, the National Geographic Magazine area proclaimed as one of the best climates in the world! This town and surrounding countryside, and a few other mountain areas, have become some of the most popular retirement destinations, and a description of Atenas would pretty well typify other areas, like San Ramon or Puriscal.



Meet Paul…who lives at the beach

A beach lifestyle in Costa Rica can very well resemble Paul’s or, depending on the beach town, resemble a city lifestyle. Paul is by education and former occupation, a Belgian Agronomist who came to Costa Rica 25 years ago to start a citrus export business in the countryside. That success prompted him to explore other opportunities. Ten years ago Paul moved to Hermosa Beach to start a complementary tourism and property management business and now has a client following from Jaco to Playa Hermosa.

A true entrepreneur, Paul not only sells real estate, but builds houses for both speculation and for the purchasers of the properties he represents. He enjoys his work, yet has a comfortable lifestyle that permits swimming every morning in the Pacific Ocean. He acts as both property manager and host to his clients’ guests, and assures owners their property is well kept, making money and in order.

The surf / tourist community where he is located is about 12 minutes from Jaco, nestled between a rain forest mountain and overlooking a valley and the Pacific Ocean. The community consists primarily of expatriates of all ages from around the world. It’s the “Pure Life” (Pura Vida!) that puts a smile on his face each and every day, while mixing a little business with the pleasure of his surroundings.