Why Live in Costa Rica

There are many reasons this relaxed tropical paradise has become the ultimate relocation and retirement destination. The following is a "bullet-point" list of advantages for moving, retiring and relocating:

? The warmth and patience of the people
? The almost perfect climate
? The ability to choose exactly what type of climate and geographic / economic setting
? Affordable cost of living
? Political, social and economic stability
? The oldest democracy in the Americas

All of the above attributes are not always found collectively in other Latin American or South American countries. These are just some of the things that all come together, making Costa Rica the ideal living and retirement choice for so many people, from many cultures and a variety of countries, from all over the world.

Additional reasons covered in this video are:
Large Middle Class
Friendly People
Lower Cost of Living
Affordable Health Care
Business Opportunities
Beautiful Beaches
National Parks, Reserves
The Low Prices of Personal & Professional Services
Housing Costs
Wholesome Foods